Hope The Bear Improving

hope and lily Hope The Bear Improving

Researchers say Hope the bear cub is doing much better after recently being unable to nurse because her mother’s milk had dried up after the two were separated for five days. Biologist Lynn Rogers with the North American Bear Center in Ely says they’ve been able to feed Hope a formula similar to her mother’s milk, and that seems to be working.

Rogers says Hope is playful and has her energy back after being lethargic and unable to climb a tree just a few days ago. Rogers is optimistic about the bear’s health and says “they’re on the track to success.”

  • Lois Campbell

    I thank God every day that you decided to help Hope. I have cried and prayed these last few days. I just hope that God blesses everyone greatly that is involved in this in any way. I am so glad to hear of people like you at the North American Bear Center. Love you all, Lois

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