john williams6 John Williams show

Did Pres. Obama’s “kick ass” phrase surprise you?  Why do you think he used this verbiage?
Obama and ass to kick

Bryce Harper quit high school to play ball and in his case, it paid off.
Mike Max on Bryce Harper

Helen Thomas’ remarks about Israel yesterday brought even more attention to the situation.
Christopher Preble on Israeli attack

  1. Brad Nordgren says:

    John…welcome back. I was one of those mourned your departure years ago and applaude your return. We’re both Steele Dan fans. But I have to say, you have come back to a station going straight into the dumper. Anselmo has no idea what he’s doing. Year by year management systematically cuts the arms and legs. It has no creative solutions to stop the patheic slide of this one time great station. There are answers, but when you have no imagination and no gutts…well, this is what you get; a black hole in space. They let the good people go, and brought in the Boy Scouts. So as a one tome employee that had great loyalty, I’m down to your two hours. Good luck. Brad

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