john williams7 John Williams showAdam Carter shares his experience speaking with a few replacement nurses today
Replacement nurses

What are the most intellectual trends that are shaping our antion right now?
Top trends shaping our nation

Can you imagine being pulled over by the police cuz you owe a few hundred dollars?
Debtors going to jail

  1. Mary says:

    I was driving and heard your show about the Nurses strike and had to email you . You DON”T get it. After 36 years of Nursing I am still committed to the BEST care for ALL the patients to which I am assigned. As a patient do you not deserve…to have pain meds when you request them OR in an hour rt two when I might get there Or should your IV infiltrate because I was busy with someone else and needs to be restarted Or should you have to wait in ER or PACU for hours because I can not admit you because I already have many patients OR should you have to read your materials and hopefully understand the new meds,equipment and exercises you will do at home because I can not go over this with you OR should you and your family have to sit ALONE as you die ????? These are just a FEW things I experience each day and then come home and have trouble closing my eyes at night because I did not deliver the CARE I needed to to ALL my patients. John do you, your family or friends not DESERVE the best care when you get admitted for whatever reason to a hospital? The acuity level of patients has changed since I started way back when and we NEED to be able to deliver good care to ALL patients so they hopefully can go home and be WELL. That is why I am on Strike today and will be back tomorrow doing the BEST I can.

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