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  • John Steinbauer

    I always get a little amused by the folks who don’t seem to know the definitons of “anonamous” and “confidential” and how they apply to 12 step programs.
    12 step progams offer people a place to go to keep THIER anonimity. You are not asked for name, rank or serial number. If you want to stay anonamous don’t give out your name.
    The 12 step progam I am familliar with says quite plainly that if the subject is to be kept confidential, talk to a priest, rabbi doctor ect. NOT THE GROUP.
    The guy or gal next to you could be sitting at a bar 5 minutes after he leaves a meeting.
    There is a case, but I couldn’t find it on Google, where a man sued a AA group because told a AA group in a meeting that he had robbed a bank or murdered someone. The group turned him in to police. The judge in the case pointed out just those difference.

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