Pawlenty Says No to Medicaid Expansion

governor pawlenty podcast only1 Pawlenty Says No to Medicaid Expansion

DFL lawmakers are criticizing Governor Pawlenty’s decision NOT to sign up for expanded Medicaid health coverage for poor adults. A new state law required the Republican to make a decision. Pawlenty says the expansion would cost the state $430 million over three years without clarity on how the federal government can sustain the program. The health care overhaul requires all states to offer Medicaid coverage to low-income adults starting in 2014; Minnesota is one of several states eligible for an early expansion. Pawlenty’s successor can still opt for the expansion in January.


  • Cass

    Tim, one thing I admire about you…you may be an S.O.B. but at least you’re a CONSISTANT S.O.B.

  • Marjorie Mae

    Good work Pawlenty, it is refreshing to see you exhibit boldness in standing up to the lure to take a handout that is not sustainable and will take our country down the path of financial ruin. The focus should be on prevention in our health issues and taking responsibilty for our own health! My health does not belong to the Gov.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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