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  1. Tom M. says:

    I listened to part of your show today during which you were criticizing Mark Dayton’s position on taxing the rich. Here’s some food for thought: Warren Buffet says he pays a 17.7% tax rate on the $46 million he earns yearly while his employees, who earn less than $60,000 annual salary, pay a 32.9% tax rate. How can anyone with an once of sense claim that this is fair? Even a radio brain like you should be able to recognize that folks like Mark Dayton and Warren Buffet are correct: the rich in this country are not paying their fair share. I got a kick out of the caller who said that he and his wife earn $140,000 a year and are having a difficult time sending their daughter to college. That’s not a tax issue, that’s a money-management issue. My wife and I sent our three daughters to college and we never earned more than $50,000 a year combined. Prior to the Reagan administration, the highest tax rates were about 94%. If you’ve read any history, you know that lot’s of great things were accomplished in this country during those times. People didn’t whine and bitch; they rolled up their sleeves and built great companies, buildings, cities and states. Today, our tax rates are the lowest they’ve been in 60 years and all we hear are talking radio heads yakking about how unfair it is to have the rich pay the same tax rates paid by the employees who do all the heavy lifting. Before you take another crack at Mark Dayton, do a little original research — don’t rely solely on the right-wing propaganda that crosses your desk — and you might discover that he’s on the right track.

    1. SusanC. says:

      This is so true!! I have been listening to WCCO for 14 yrs during the day and It is apparent to me that the slant of the radio show has changed and it is constantly defending the rich and the agenda of the right. Ever since the loss of Don Shelby and some of his coworkers this radio show is sounding more like FOX. It makes me wonder where these new radio personalities are getting there facts ?? The facts sure sound slanted towards the republican party. Between John and Michele I am turning off the this station- its has become a right wing propaganda radio news.

  2. Al Sack says:

    John – this may not be the place for this comment but… listened to you fri talking about a name for the rail system – How about GLIM { great life in Minnesota }

  3. Al says:

    John, I heard the person call in regarding Pres. Obama’s indicating he was black on the census form. The listeners comment was that because his mom was white and his dad was a banker and had not had the “black experience”. He indicated that he did not grow up in a ghetto etc. etc. etc. It just bothers me that some are still that prejudiced and would infer that all African-Americans were born in the ghetto and if that was not part of the experience then, they should not identify themselves as black. There are many African Americans who have had many different life experiences that were not ghetto upbringing etc. The listener was suggesting that the decision to identify oneself should be much more subjective and based on the “experience” of their life. Then I would be a farm kid first and Caucasion second.

    Thanks and I enjoy your show very much. This listener just really bugged me.

  4. Lisa says:

    I am an auto claims adjuster and before you pay your son’s claim out of pocket there are some other important questions that need answered: Was there a person in the other vehicle at the time of the loss? If so, paying the claim out of pocket could be a mistake because that person can claim minor injury soft tissue damage and then having you pay for the claims admits liability. It may be the right thing to do for your own protection to have the insurance company investigate the loss.

  5. arnie cash says:

    John. Can I purchase a piece of the dome roof?

  6. Paula Downs says:

    John…..I am an 80 year old young lady from White Bear Lake that enjoys your shows on WCCO radio a great deal…… brings me back to good old Boone and Erickson morning shows. Keep on keeping on………………Paula D.

  7. Sue says:

    John,You missed one very important point about Michelle Bachman’s migraines. Her own staffers reported that she frequently is incapacitated for 2-3 DAYS at a time from migraine headaches. She lays on the couch in her darkened office, sometimes for days without even going home. You can’t run a country that way.

  8. Wendy says:

    John, I’ve been listening to your show in the mornings… good job! One non-topic related question… what is the song you were playing behind the debt ceiling quotes this morning (7/29/2011) at 9:10?

  9. Judy Hillesland (anonymous) says:

    You have the most wonderful voice! I listen to you on my way to work every
    weekday and love your show. A month or two ago you interviewed a man who
    told about being white in a black family or black in a white family and didn’t know
    which. He recently wrote a book about those experiences. Could you possibly
    remember who he was, I sure would appreciate it.

    Thanks very much – Hope you enjoyed your Greek tour!!!

  10. Wm Moore says:

    John, Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the fact that 6 or 7 of the 911 terroists took flight traing at Flying Cloud Airport? Their flight instructor went to the FBI and told them these guys didn’t want to learn how to takeoff or land! The FBI agent, agent Raliegh, told her superviros who blew her off! She went above their heads, and was fired! Even Jesse Ventura didn’t mention that in his conspiracy book! What gives? The twin towers attack could have been prevented if the FBI acted on the info provided by the flight instructor.

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