nursesstrikesigns Are Nurses and Hospitals Talking Again?

Neither side is commenting. But there are hints that union nurses and 14 Twin Cities hospitals are communicating once again, with the threat of a strike next Tuesday morning. The hospitals abruptly cancelled radio ads this morning – ads which were critical of the nurses. U of M Labor Professor Aaron Sojourner calls it a positive sign when the two sides are not talking to the media. 


A key issue in the dispute is staffing levels. During 11 hours of negotiations on Tuesday, both sides modified their positions but little progress was reported. A union official says a “media blackout” is in effect. 


Comments (3)
  1. Susan says:

    I have to say this: Talking & Communicating??

    I do not believe that is or ever will be possible if Ms. Maureen Shriner is involved.

    I feel that she would be a good running mate for Tim Pawlenty while running for president. Neither one listens to or most often even allows a complete sentence when speaking to someone they disagree with.


  2. Ashamed RN says:

    The last word: As hard as I try, it’s difficult for me to see how any rational observer could conclude that the outcome of this labor dispute is anything but a victory for the hospitals and a disappointment for the union–and I’m as lefty a liberal as they come. After all, on the two most important points of contention, the hospitals flexed their muscles and got their way. And the union’s one perceived victory–pensions–was merely a preservation of the status quo, and that’s hardly change nurses can believe in. Sure, the union is looking to save face and will proclaim its efforts to have resulted in victory (Do they have any other choice?) but if this is a win, I’d sure hate to see what defeat looks like.“The only conclusion you can draw is that the claims about patient care were bullsh*t,” said Wilson of the Labor Relations Institute. “It was a bargaining ploy using patients as the pawn.”

  3. crabbybear says:

    maureen shriner is as sneaky as a fox she has yet to tell the real truth and is very sly on her explanations

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