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  • Neil Johnson

    With regard to the late starts of schools….check out the spring time and the number of hours students lose because they have to get out early for sports and music contests. When we started at 7:30, we did not have the hours missed that we do now….because we start at 8:20…students have to get out early to meet to get to athletic contests because we end at 3:00. When we were out at 2:15…we seldom had to get out of school early.. (Our elementary schools start early and get out early…teachers say the students are still asleep). Also I would like to comment that our students are still in the building at the early time because parents drop them off; they have music practice; they are taking a zero hour class;they are there for extra help. Many students now work later at their job so they sleep in…they aren’t doing extra studying!!

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