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  • Larry

    I believe that Pesident George W. Bush is a good and honorable man that was missled by the inner circles. What I read at the time was that Chaney, Woolfowitz, Rumsfeld, and the CIA director stood before the President and lied to him on the cituation in Iraq. The NeoCons on his staff basically commited treason. Bush relied on his staff and was proved wrong.

  • Ross G Kiihn

    To John Williams, Subject: Grammar. The grammatical error which irks me the most, especially when it’s in print or on a newscast, is the misuse of of the verbs ‘lay’ and ‘lie.’ For instance, ‘the body was found laying in the street,’ or such. We don’t have a problem so much with the verbs ‘set’ and ‘sit,’ and others, but the distinction between ‘lay’ and ‘lie’ is practically dead in most usage. Nevertheless it grates me to hear it. I’m sure you know English grammar better than I do, and you handle the language very well. I enjoy your show.

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