tom emmer2 Tom Talks Tips at Town Meeting

A week after suggesting that tips for waiters be included in their minimum wages, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer will sit down with servers to talk about his controversial idea. Emmer says his plan would eliminate taxes on the first

$20,000 made by servers. His proposal comes after Emmer set off a political debate with the call for tip “credits” for restaurant owners, allowing them to deduct tips from the minimum wage they’re required to pay servers. Emmer said SOME servers make more than 100-thousand dollars a year. Emmer plans to hold a Town Meeting with servers at the ‘Ol Mexico Restaurante in Roseville this afternoon.

  1. ricky says:

    This guy is a typical politician. Little or no forethought to a plan, realize how stupid the presentation was of thoughtless plan and count on the media to give him/her more free presstime than he/she could ever buy.

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