jearlyn2 Steele Talkin' with Jearlyn Steele   7/11/10Identity theft seems to be more accessible with the growth of credit cards and reliance on the Internet.  However, the people stealing identities might be closer to home than you think.  Trusted ID chief marketing officer Lynn Oakes talks to Jearlyn about a new trend of parents taking the identity of the children.

Scientists are finding oil droplets in the larvae of blue and fiddler crabs along the Gulf.  Marine biologist Carl Safina joins the program to discuss whether affected water creatures could end up in our food.

Last weekend, an upset listener called the show to talk about her displeasure as a Native American about the celebration of the Fourth of July.  However, is that how the majority of Native Americans see the national holiday?  Professor Tad Johnson, chair of the American Indian Studies Department at UMD, talks about some of the history that might explain emotions from both sides.


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