Dave and Mike Lynch talk about some of the important things that happened on this date including the first steps on the moon!

Sports with Dave and Sid Hartman

The Rash Report with John Rash…Dave and John discuss the Amazon Kindle.  Are computerized books overtaking the paper version?

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  1. Pam from Rosemount says:

    Dave Lee……LOVE your show, listen every morning on my way to work….Today 12/20/10 I heard Sid Hartman (Mr “Positive”) talk about how tonight’s Viking game. I couldn’t take it anymore and had to give you my two cents. Yes, older people like me will probably not attend the game because of the cold/lines/transportation issues but did Mr. Hartman think about the positive results that now the younger generation may have the opportunity to experience this cool event and maybe some will get hooked on watching a live game in a stadium and eventually buy season tickets? I think this IS a great opportunity for us to shine as snow survivors, show off TCF stadium and those who really want to be there, will be….and it doesn’t really matter if the game COUNTS….it is the whole experience of the game…Kudos to all those involved. I hope, for MN it is a huge success! and I don’t want to hear about Mr. Hartman’s “I told you so” or “I knew it would work” on Monday….thanks for letting me vent….oh wait that’s the Tafoya show..(love her too)….Happy Holidays…….. A Rosemount listener….

  2. Gretchen Menzel says:

    I NEED this program each and every weekday morning. But I have a problem with the traffic reports…enough to wade through the internet links to explain this to you.

    Josie does a fine job with her delivery of the traffic. Jerry’s delivery reminds me of the teacher’s voice on the Charlie Brown programs. He speaks too fast to really absorb the information. Jerry, please slow down your delivery so we can appreciate your knowlege and information.

  3. The pond says:

    Listened to your talk show this morning about the white band working with the state inregards toa state run casino,not sure who the caller was that chimed in tellling folks what a great idea it was but my question is why do we need the band involved at all?,state run or a private casino is a great idea we don’t need the band standing there looking to hand outs,our state casin monies will help finance the vikings new home,maybe also help our senior citizen,help manitain our roads etc,leave the tribes to fend for themselves,after all they are sovreign right?except for when they need money.

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