tommy mischke11 The Nite Show with Mischke   7/21/10There are many religious relics that are revered around the world.  However, one of the oddest one might be the Holy Foreskin.  Author David Farley (An Irreverent Curiosity: In Search of the Church’s Strangest Relic in Italy’s Oddest Town) joins the program to discuss the history of the journey of this piece of anatomy.  Also, Mischke talks about a house that eats smog and the new surgery that may leave your breath less than minty fresh, NOTES (Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery).

The author of The Secret is coming out with a new book called The Power.  That makes Mischke wonder…what if he had secret powers?  The annual Atheist Conference has revealed a new ritual tool.  And two off-duty coroners actually save a young boy’s life.

  1. Justin Johnson says:

    you’re the only one who won’t let them get away with this.

    Cheap shots, cheap arrests by Sheriff Stanek and Hennepin Court System, Commissioners who won’t stop arresting people for debt. Call and ask him.

    Sheriff Stanek had announced a week of picking up felons and such and “others that did not appear in court,” what the Sheriff doesn’t say is that now includes people, aware or unaware, who didn’t show up for court for actions by Debt Collectors, they are now fair game for arrest & jail with bail set by Judge Robert Blaeser, the amount owed and it goes to the debt collectors with no proof.

    Law enforcement can scan license plates by sitting on the side of the road or Mpls. cops driving down streets. Strib. Story “In Debt-In Jail,” June 6th, Chris Serres, scan his name, 3 arrested. People with jobs picking on a class that can’t defend themselves. Story outlines legal & ethical questions, media, thoughts?

    Despair & hopelessness, most venerable that can’t pay; medical bills, credit card debt, housing, food or minor debt from phone, cable companies, can’t even drive down a road. Judge Robert Blaeser has decided Judicial expediency is more important than Justice, sets bail at amount owed, that to Debt Collectors, who’s his boss?

    This is America, home of the free. Scanning License Plates, should the police have the right to sit on a road and scan every plate until they find someone to arrest or drive through a city or a parking lot? Why does media allow it to happen?

    Sheriff Sanek, Big shot taking cheap shots.

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