lino lakes city hall English Only Proposal In Lino Lakes

The Lino Lakes city council is scheduled to vote Monday on a controversial proposal which would make English the city’s official language. 

City council member, Dave Roeser, says his idea would save the city money. Others say it’s an anti-immigration proposal.   It appears there are enough votes on the five member Lino Lakes city council to approve the measure. Roser says the proposed ordinance would eliminate the cost of translating documents into other languages. Census numbers show only about three percent of the city’s residents were foreign born and fewer than 2 percent said they speak English “less than very well”. But council member Roeser says his proposal is looking to the future. The American Civil Liberties Union is opposed to the measure. If it passes Monday, as expected, Lino Lakes would be the first Minnesota city to declare English its official language. But nationwide nearly two dozen states have some form of English language laws which in many cases are being challenged in the courts.


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  1. Dianne Brown says:

    I agree with the City Council. If I were to move to Mexico or another country I would not expect that country to cater to me.
    If they are so opposed to the way we do things whey would they want to come here in the first place.

  2. Jim says:

    Great! All Minnesota should be English speeking!

  3. Linda says:

    I had a chance to listen to a little bit of the show on my way home from work and I just had to reply to the suggestion that as American’s we’re expected to know the language whenever we travel to other parts of the world. I have traveled to other countries and have yet to find a country that didn’t bend over backwards to cater to Americans. I have never been expected to speak the language of the country I was visiting, even when I wasn’t in a touristy area. However if Lino Lakes wants to make English their official language that’s their business. Even though I think it is a little sad they can’t be a little more compassionate. Many immigrants came here after having helped American solidiers in war torn countries. The Hmong and Vietnamese come to mind. It is much easier for the children to pick up the language than people in their later years who may have come here not by choice but by necessity.

    The more I hear about hostile communities like Lino Lakes, the more I consider myself lucky to live in Brooklyn Park where our Mayor and City Council respects, honors, and celebrates the rich diversity of our City. If Lino Lakes wants to drive out residents who don’t happen to speak perfect English, we would welcome them with open arms. I can’t imagine living in a community surrounded by so much open hostility and lack of respect. My heart goes out to people from immigrant communities who are currently stuck living in Lino Lakes.

  4. Julie Lindsay says:

    Finally someone with guts enough to do something about cutting cost for unnecessary translations when the English language should be practiced here in the United States of America.

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