pitt bull attack mode Pit Bulls Attack Letter Carrier

A Minneapolis postal carrier is in the hospital after being attacked by two pit bulls on the city’s north side. It happened as the carrier was passing a home at 33rd and Colfax Tuesday afternoon.Pam Donato is President of Branch 9 of the National Association of Letter Carriers. She says the postal carrier was passing by the home when the dogs ran through an open door and attacked him.  Donato says neighbors beat the dogs off until police arrived and shot and killed the animals.

The postal carrier underwent surgery for more than 50 wounds at North Memorial Medical Center and is expected to recover.

Donato pledges to improve communication between the union and the city to identify dangerous dogs in the city.


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  1. Nona says:

    I am an animal lover but can not love a dog that has been trained in the past to fight and it is bled into their blood. What the police did was right. The owner of the dogs should have made sure that they could not make it through any door/window in the house. To ban these types of dogs from society is fair by me. Even those who say their dogs would never do any such thing. Let me tell them this, any dog, I mean any dog can turn on people in a flash.

  2. Brent says:

    This is a horrible story, but your photo of a vicious dog drooling is not a representation of all pit bulls. And is basically breed discrimination. Most pitbulls are very sweet dogs that love people especially kids. Unfortunately the wrong people get their hands on these loving dogs and train them to be mean because of their strength and size. I recently lost a 14-year-old female staffordshire terrier (pitbull) and it was like losing a family member. The media does not need to encourage further breed discrimination!

  3. berho002 says:

    Thank you, Brent! People are so misinformed about pits, and the media just reinforces this misinformation. It’s really sad. I heard the interview with the postal worker on ‘CCO this morning, and he claimed these dogs were 90-lb. pit bulls. Are we even sure these were pits, because I have never seen a 90-lb. pittie. Is this another case of the public and media assuming that every aggressive dog is a pit or a rottweiler? Even if they were pits, they were obviously not trained and cared for properly if they behaved that way. Not all pits attack people, in fact very few do. Golden retrievers bite more people than pits do. Dogs, like people, are individuals and should be judged as such, not judged by breed. Breed discrimination is so unfair. Any dog of any breed can be dangerous if not trained/treated properly.

  4. Bob says:

    I think anyone named Nona should be banned from our city because why would we want uneducated people here. And I also agree with the photo and everything that the other two said. Well put!

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