Michele Tafoya Show: 7/30/10

World Renown Film Maker Ken Burns joins Michele.   He is in town this weekend to watch the Twins, and to discuss his upcoming PBS Mini Series, “THE 10th INNING,” another Chapter in his award winning series on BASEBALL in 1994.

  • Bob Lueben

    Michelle, the bucket is the one Favre was going to kick when he finally decided to give up football. It has been so close to him for two years that he cannot get away from it!

  • Mike

    I appreciate you talking to Matt Birk and I love Matt but lets talk the truth now that Matt is 2 or 3 years from retirement it is now important!! This has been a issue for many years and he says the rookies will not step up ? Well he did not step up as a rookie either! Why is this now a issue for the % of the owners, lets face it! Its been put of for years every other UNION takes care of their own what happened here???

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