esme murphy Saturday "Afternoon" with Esme Murphy   7/31/10On this special Saturday afternoon edition of Esme’s show, she begins by talking about the usual topic on a weekend afternoon…sports.  As the Vikings start their annual training camp, the question of “When will Brett Favre make up his mind?” is running its annual course.  Author Ross Bernstein, who wrote “I Love Brett Favre, I Hate Brett Favre”, talks about the quarterback with Esme.

This week, letter carrier Bryan Bloomquist was attacked by two pit bulls in north Minneapolis.  But is this something that is happening more and more recently?  Esme talks with Mr. Bloomquist about his ordeal.  She also speaks to Carol Propotnik, owner of Best Friends Animal Behavior, about what someone can do in such a situation.

Chlamydia rates across Minnesota have been rising over the last decade.  The STD could cause infertility, especially in the target group of 15-25 year-olds.  Candy Hadsall is coordinating a Summit for awareness of the disease this Tuesday and discusses the issue with Esme.

How would you react to a devastating event that resulted in the loss of a job, loved one, marriage, etc?  Jack Rushton’s life dramatically altered due to a body surfing accident.  He’s written a new book explaining his ordeal and talks about how he dealt with his trauma.


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