pawlenty at podium1 Pawlenty On "English Only"Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is weighing in on whether or not the state should make English its “official” language.

Pawlenty was asked at a news conference about his support for so-called English-only measures, similar to the one recently approved by the Lino Lakes city council.  He said it may be helpful to make English the official language of business and government documents as the diversity of languages increases across the country.

Pawlenty is considering a possible run for president. About half of all states have designated English as their officials language, primarily to cut down on translation costs.

Comments (2)
  1. Don says:

    Pawlenty is an ass… he’s playing to the “idiot Right” who all think they’re loosing something (something that was stolen to begin with)… I hope he does try to run for President so he can be exposed for what he truly is.

  2. Greg says:

    I’m wondering how many folks that favor this move would be willing to help teach others english? How many folks know there is a great need for folks to learn english?

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