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Dave with Senator Amy Klobuchar

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  1. Pam Eslinger says:

    Hi, Dave Lee! Your fellow-North Dakotan here…
    I was so glad to hear you talk about the Sherels brothers the way you & Mike Max did the other morning (it was about 8:15 AM on Fri. 8/6.) I’d like for their mom to hear it – how can I hear it on line & send it to her? And you sent a “shout-out” to their mom & their aunt “who is a regular ‘CCO listener”. Was that for me? I would hope that all of their aunts listen to ‘CCO but I’d like to think you were referring to me…hey – a girl can dream, can’t she? Anyh-o-o-o-o Thanks for always saying the greatest things about our “boys”, they truly are wonderful young men & it’s a honor to know them & their family. Keep up the good work – you (along eith my cup of coffee) are what gets me goin’ in the mornin’!

  2. jtwendt says:

    Dave, you’re great, but how many times can you say “Blois” during the daily interview with Blois Olson…I think it’s averaging 6 times an interview and unfortunately it is getting very distracting.

    Thank you and good luck!

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