Franken Says He's Sorry

al franken Franken Says He's Sorry

Al Franken is offering an apology. The Minnesota Democrat has apologized to Senator Mitch McConnell for being rude as the Senate’s top Republican was winding up a solemn debate on the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court.


Franken was presiding over the hearing as McConnell explained his opposition to the nominee. A Senate GOP aide said Franken made theatrical gestures and whispered under his breath as McConnell spoke. It was distracting enough that McConnell went up to the former comedian afterward and said, “This isn’t ‘Saturday Night Live’, Al.”

Franken later went to McConnell’s office to try to apologize. McConnell wasn’t there, so Franken delivered a handwritten apology.

  • justice fleeting

    Franken is a flippin joke. Im embarrassed to have him represent me or anyone from Minnesota. What a circus clown. He doen’t deserve to be a US Senator.

  • not now

    My wife and I were ONCE thinking about coming to Minnesota to live and work..not now. We are very disturbed about Franken being elected. He is a buffoon..a very bitter predjudicial joke of a man to be elected to such responsibility. I, for one, am very concerned about Minnesota as a place to live. This joker and his ilk make me very concerned about our country as well.

  • Happyandmissy

    Al Franken is not a joke! Suggest you read a few of his books, beginning with The Truth. Then you won’t have trouble separating the good guys from the bad ones. The man is brilliant and is sick of the phonies trying to act like they’re the good guys. We’re so glad he’s representing Minnesota

  • John Maidl

    It is your honesty and common sense approach that got you elected. If some folks are offended by our actions then it is always appropriate to apologize as you did. Keep up the good work. You are a breath of fresh air!

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