esme murphy5 Steele Talkin' with guest host Esme Murphy   8/22/10The Tom Petters fraud case has provided a lot of twists and turns through the city’s recent memory.  Esme had a Reporter Roundtable to discuss the case gone by and the residual effects of it that still haven’t been decided.  The panel includes John Welbes of the Pioneer Press, Dave Phelps of the Star Tribune, and Bill Keller of KMSP, Fox-9 News.

This week, actor Neil Patrick Harris announced that he and his partner will be having twins through a surrogate.  Esme delves into the topic of same sex couples using this avenue to have children with Dr. Carolyn Kaplan, an Atlanta-based reproductive endocrinologist.

If you have an older antique that you might want to have appraised, then James Merrinan might have the answers you’re looking for.  The appraiser joins Esme and takes calls to decide how valuable that stuff could be.


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