8/23/10 The Nite Show with Mischke

tommy mischke10 8/23/10 The Nite Show with MischkeHour One:

Tommy returns from vacation with thoughts on the worst song ever written, gypsies…er, uh Romas and rod wax.

Hour Two:

Terry Walsh and Mischke discuss their 3 most listened to albums and there are some surprises.

  • Cassandra

    That “Mosque” song really sucks. How is it that people manage to forget that there were Muslims who died at Ground Zero as well? I’m NOT talking about those freaks on the planes I am talking about people who were AT the World Trade Center innocently doing business when this insanity happened. When will idiot rednecks STOP trying to re-write history and try to make this all about us? Citizens from all over the world died there and they ALL deserve to be remembered. And mourned. Instead of complaining about it let us join hands with the Muslims who ALSO lost loved ones because of the actions of a few fanatics. We can start by stations choosing not to play that stupid song.

  • Cassandra

    On the second hour—three most listened to albums:

    1. Pandemonium Shadow Show. Nilsson
    2. Revolver. The Beatles
    3. Ommadawn. Mike Oldfield
    And where are the other listeners? What are YOUR albums, folks? Which ones form the soundtrack of your lives?

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