minnesota state fair 20102 Muslim Faith Shared At Minnesota State Fair
An Islamic group is hoping to educate the public about the Muslim faith at the Minnesota State Fair.

Sabeel Ahmed of the Islamic Circle of North America says fliers are being handed out to fairgoers.
The group has also produced a radio ad that will air on WCCO Radio. The fliers invite fairgoers with questions to call a hotline for more information about Islam. Minnesota has an estimated 170-thousand practicing Muslims.




  1. Cassandra says:

    I call this a good thing. As I said in my most recernt blog:It’s not a war between religions that is being fought here—-it is a war between extremists who want to tear down civilization and sane people who realize that (even with all its faults) civilization is better than its counterpart.

    A True Muslim (like a True Christian or a True Follower of ANY faith) loves God and shares that love with his (or her) fellow man.

    And it’s too bad they’re having to fight the false representation of Islam that is being spread about by Fundamentalists (on the Christian side) and extremists among their own people.

    You know what that propaganda reminded me of? Good old General Westmoreland running down the Buddhists because (according to HIS warped view of Buddhism) “they had no respect for life.”
    The reality, of course, is that it would be difficult to find a religion that held life MORE sacred than Buddhism.
    Yes, you can take bits and pieces of the Koran out of contest (and out of their time-frame) and say “This is what the Muslims believe” but it’s no more true than it is to take bits out of the Old Testament where God is telling His Chosen People to kill every man woman and child who is not of the True Faith and say”This is what the Jews believe”. But you know it isn’t.
    I beg of all people that we stop the bigotry and hate NOW for that will only destroy everything we love,
    And, finally, think on THIS:
    ““Imagine being the family of Salman Hamdani. The 23-year-old New York City police cadet was a part-time ambulance driver, incoming medical student, and devout Muslim. When he disappeared on September 11, law enforcement officials came to his family, seeking him for questioning in relation to the terrorist attacks. They allegedly believed he was somehow involved. His whereabouts were undetermined for over six months, until his remains were finally identified. He was found near the North Tower, with his EMT medical bag beside him, presumably doing everything he could to help those in need. His family could finally rest, knowing that he died the hero they always knew him to be.”


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