Elk River’s varsity football team has been suspended as police investigate allegations of hazing.

Capt. Bob Kluntz says the department was contacted by the district on Wednesday. He would not characterize the type of hazing, but says it could involve criminal assault.

Kluntz says any hazing victims should contact police. He expects the investigation to take at least until next week.

Football coach Mike Cross says he has no comment.

Elk River district spokesman Casey Mahon says the hazing appears to be more than an isolated incident.

  1. gamerguy says:

    I am a current student at Elk River High School, and I hope those players get what they deserve. Band and music in general gets cut every single year, and our music teachers have to teach at other schools just to survive. Elk River bands including Jazz Bands, Marching Band, and Drumline are among the best in the state. Yet, our school board and administrators neglect music programs and continue to cut the programs. Instead, we invest many dollars into a football program sexual harassing each other. Music students are among the smartest, most brilliant, and most successful students in a school. Checking GPA, class rank, and standardized test scores can easily verify that statement. Also, compare the average alcohol or drug use of a music student compared to the average student. Bottom line: This whole scandal should really show administrators and school board members where are budget should really go. Successful and brilliant music students, or sexual assaulting football players

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