Elk River Hazing Probe Underway

elks Elk River Hazing Probe Underway



information is emerging about the alleged hazing that prompted the suspension of the Elk River Football Program. The hazing reportedly involved players poking teammates on the buttocks with broom handles. The players were wearing their uniforms at the time. School officials have hired a Minneapolis law firm to conduct an investigation and Elk River police will assist. On Sunday night the school board will conduct a closed session to hear the findings. Right now team practices are suspended but an athletic official says he DOESN’T expect the team to miss any games. The season opens on September 2nd against Becker.

  • Jason Hirdler

    Good!! Everyone involved should be charged and sent to prison! Hazing is so stupid! If my son or daughter were ever hazed I would hunt down those losers and pound them within an inch of their lives!

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