8/31/10 John Williams Show

Governor Pawlenty rejects a $850 thousand federal grant for sex education but he approved a $500 thousand federal grant for abstinence-only education. Tom Pritchard, Executive Director of MN Family Council joins John plus lots of your calls!

The new line up for Dancing with the Stars was just chosen plus John follows up with a guest who explains why companies aren’t hiring.

In Sundays New York Times a cool piece was on state fairs around the nation.  Of course, the Minnesota State Fair was mentioned. John is live at the Great Minnesota Get-Together!

  • Linda

    Who was the guest yesterday who talked about why companies are not hiring and what is the name of his book? I

    • Lindsey Peterson

      The guest was Michael Fleischer, President of Brogan Company.

  • Ken

    Regarding the $850K. Our local school district determines curriculum taught at our school through its Curriculum Advisory Committee. Course work recommended is then approved by the School Board, in accordance with law. If the Governor had accepted the $850K, our school district, to be in compliance, would have to circumvent our local policy via mandate – thus taking more choice away from the district’s residents.
    If the US Government wishes to hand out the $850K, they could just pay up on the “No Child Left Behind” mandates, or make current governmental payments for Title 1 funding. The payments for both of these federally mandated programs is in arrears. And no new current mandates would be required.

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