img 0908 Septembers Veteran Of The Month: Tom HillaTom Hilla grew up in Lakeville, Minnesota. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and mostly everything involving nature and the outdoors.  He participated as an Eagle Scout and stayed involved in scouting until eighteen.  Tom graduated from Lakeville High School (now known as Lakeville North High School) in 2001.

Hilla joined the United States Navy in 2001.  He started at boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois.  He left there in early 2002 to go to Goose Creek, South Carolina to receive my “A” school training as a Machinist’s Mate and my training to be nuclear qualified.  He left there in 2003 to join the USS Carl Vinson while they were on deployment near Korea.  We returned to our home port of Bremerton, Washington later that year.

Then he went on another deployment in January of 2005.  This time he spent his time in the Persian Gulf operating area until he returned to the new home port of Newport News, Virginia.  The ship stayed there for about 4 years in RCOH (Refueling/Complex Overhaul).  Hilla’s major roles onboard the ship were: training supervisor, drill team member for the propulsion plants, supervisor of a propulsion plant, and physical fitness coordinator.

He left the Navy in 2009 as a Nuclear Machinist’s Mate First Class and decided to utilize his GI bill and go to school.  Currently, Hilla is living in Lakeville, Minnesota and is going to school full- time to his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Minnesota School of Business.  He also works full-time for Vennehjem Building Corporation in Burnsville, Minnesota as a carpenter and laborer.
Thank you, Tom, for your service and sacrifice!

Comments (3)
  1. scott says:

    You the man Tom. You are on the right track in life.

  2. Jeff and Laurie Joe and Erin says:

    Great work Tom. We are beaming with pride. Cant wait to see whats next. Jay Leno perhaps? HAHA

  3. Cherry says:

    Way to go Tom. We are all so proud of you and all you have accomplished!!

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