Nature Notes – 9/5/10

Weekly notes with naturalist Jim Gilbert.

  • Patty Nelsen

    There is an osprey nest on a light standard near 212 & 169. They have recently changed all the light standards except one because of an osprey nest, but will take it down when the osprey leave. Why can’t they leave it there. They have had that nest, there, for years. Let’s start a campaign. Thanks

  • Gayne Stone

    I am sending an observation that my son john and grandson Austin made on saturday Sept 4th when we were goose hunting. As we were sitting on a slough west of Benson there were swallows circling around with some passing quite close. We saw one of the birds flying with a small feather in it’s mouth. It would fly up to about 20 feet and let it drop. Then another bird would swoop down, catch it, and go up and drop it again. this happened over about 8-10 times before the feather fell into the water. Very cool!! When I got home I checked my bird book and identified the bird as a tree swallow. The paragraph about the bird did tell that at times the swallows will play with floating feathers. This was our first observation of these birds playing. PS the tree swallows do use our house in the yard during the spring and summer.
    I wasn,t sure where to send this message – hope it gets to you!!
    Gayne Stone

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