Customer Sues TCF on Overdraft Issue

A Twin Cities woman is suing TCF Financial Corporation claiming the bank manipulated her debit card transactions to generate more overdraft fees. Kimberly Pellett of Savage says TCF grouped her transactions together, then processed them from the largest dollar amount to the smallest, which depleted her checking account faster. Pellett says she was charged $476 in overdraft fees in just six days. The suit seeks to stop TCF from reordering transactions and reimburse customers for the fees it collected through the practice. No comment yet from TCF.



debitcard Customer Sues TCF on Overdraft Issue

  • Roxanne Kahler

    My bank does the same thing. I have had arguments over this same situation and they say they can’t do anything about as it is how they do things. This must be stopped as they are taking extra money from people who are trying to stay on top of things.

  • Bruce

    Suggestions to help with fees, cash your check at walmart, then deposit the cash, money goes in immediately.
    Pay mortgage out of savings account,use online banking transfer money before overdraft fees can occur, have bank auto email you when your account is low

  • Roxanne Kahler

    But my problem with all this is that they take the highest check to pay and then go down the line to the lowest. By the time they get to the lowest they have taken all the money to pay for all the checks prior to the largest check and charge you for only one instead of many. That’s why the bank is wrong. They only want to take whatever they can.

  • Roxanne Kahler

    I know it’s wrong bounce a check but if you are trying to keep your head above water and they keep doing it this way they are not helping the economy they are ripping people off. They should be helping by paying off the lower ones and then the highest so you don’t have all your money taken from you and you have nothing left.

  • Michelle

    I had a TCF checking account for many years, but we moved and I did not use it as often. I received a statement a few months ago that showed I had $34 in the account. Last month they sent a statement showing I OWED them $13. When I called to question it, I was told my account now had a $10 fee associated with it. I was never told about this fee. I closed the account and had to write them a check. I will never bank with them again.

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