blackbear1 Reasearch Bear Apparently Killed by Hunter

Bear was collared and being tracked by North American Bear Center in Ely

A bear being followed by researchers at the well-known North American Bear Center has apparently been killed by a hunter. Someone anonymously dropped off a bloodied radio collar that had been worn by Sarah, a yearling black bear being tracked by the North American Bear Center near Ely. While not illegal to shoot a collared bear, the Bear Center’s Lynn Rogers says it’s unethical. The Bear Center gained worldwide attention when one of it’s bears, Lily, gave birth to a cub which was broadcast on a webcam. 

Comments (3)
  1. travis koster says:

    you tell me this, not every bear collor is that visable. did the hunter know that it was “sarah” prolly not, people need to realize shooting a bear with a collor is really not that big of a deal get over it collor another bear and your done, no need for a internet article now is there

    1. BEARMAN109 says:

      Before you comment on the internet learn how to spell.

    2. D says:

      Maybe travis should talk about something he knows about. Think about it travis,
      now they have to start all over. They have been tracking this bear sense birth.

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