HINESight with guest host Esme Murphy – 9/8/10

esme murphy2 HINESight with guest host Esme Murphy   9/8/10Esme is talking politics and focusing on Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District race.  She speaks with both challenger Tarryl Clark and incumbent Michele Bachmann.  And which city did Budget Travel recently call the coolest small town in America?  That would be Ely, MN.  Esme gets the scoop Ely Chamber of Commerce member Linda Fryer.

  • http://www.promnpolitics.com/?p=822 Clark and Bachmann on WCCO Radio Show | Pro MN Politics

    […] Bachmann was also interviewed on the same program.  Listen to it here for Tarryl Clark, at least. Bachmann mostly bitches about President Obama and Democrats.  Unlike normal criticism, which is […]

  • http://Www.independenceminnesota.com Brian Faas

    Why is WCCO leaving out IP congressional candidate Bob Anderson? Most all reputable news organizations use a 5% poll threshold for inclusion in any candidate forum — this per FCC guidelines. Bob Anderson is the endorsed candidate of a major party AND received 10% of the vote in the 2008 election. Either of these facts should qualify him for participation.

    I strongly urge you to extend an invitation to Bob. He has earned it, and there are tens of thousands of voters that would like to hear his perspective. By excluding him, WCCO risks alienating a very large percentage of the population.

  • Tom

    Waht about Bob Anderson? He is a legitimate contender for the position. He is back in 2010 with more money and more staff.

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