esme murphy3 Saturday Night with Esme Murphy   9/11/10Is it getting harder for parents to let their kids go when the youngsters head off to college and into the work world?  Marshall Duke, professor of psychology at Emory University, looks into that question.

The 9th annual Living with Breast Cancer Educational Conference will be held on October 9th.  Ann Harris and Lois Joseph, co-founders of the local chapter of the Breast Cancer Awareness Association, talk about the upcoming event and their personal battles with the disease.

Two new television shows have people buzzing about hoarding.  What goes into the thought process of someone who is a hoarder?  Dr. Patrick McGrath has been on both shows and has experience dealing with this type of personality.

Denny Hecker will be headed for prison after pleading guilty to two felony counts this past week.  But what type of security facility will he go to?  And what’s the difference in levels of security at these prisons?  Former attorney and author Daniel Storm gives us an explanation.

It’s Saturday night, so we must be talking politics.  Hamline political science professor Dave Schultz joins Esme with all the info about the local scene, as well as his take on the Qu’ran burning issue.


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