sid and dave Sports Huddle   9/12/10The Gopher football team took a tough loss yesterday at the hands of FCS opponent South Dakota.  Head coach Tim Brewster joins the program to talk about Saturday’s home opener and next week’s opponent, USC.

The Twins continue to plod toward another division title.  President Bill Smith talks about the latest hot streak, how the team can hold on to first place, and the Minor League report.

The Vikings opened up the NFL season Thursday with a loss to the defending Super Bowl champs.  Linebacker Chad Greenway discusses what happened during the game, as well as what it means for the upcoming season.

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  1. WoJo says:

    I know that this might be a little late for the subject, but if the Inez Sainz topic somehow gets pulled back into the limelight I had these few comments and question.

    Comments… Can we all agree that the purpose of the Locker Room is for an althlete to be able to come to the Stadium or Arena and change into their uniform and after the game remove their uniform, be naked, take a shower and put on their street clothes? Regardless if your a male or female reporter I still think that’s imposing on the athletes right so some privacy and it’s simply asking for problems so why isn’t there a place somewhere before or after the locker room that can be a more acceptible place for the interviews. I know we’re in a world of instant information, but I think we’re missing the bigger point. What’s next… reporters are going to follow these guys into the rest room and interview them while they’re taking a duece?

    Question… I’m all for women being able to pursue their career desires as much a man, but shouldn’t their be common sense parameters for both. My questions is whether there are restrictions to whether Male reporters are allowed into Womens professional sports locker rooms (such as the Minnesota Lynx locker room for example) immediatly after the game when they’re trying to shower up and get out of there and if so what are there restrictions of any kind on these Male reporters in where they can go and how they must conduct themselves? Just trying to compare apples to apples on this one. I’ve done small market sports reporting in the past and I can only imagine how uncomfortable it would be for both parties for me to be following half naked women around the locker room to ask them about the game vs conducting the interview in a hallway, conference room or parking lot. To me the answer seems obvious… either the locker room is off limits for reporters all together (not going to happen… right?) or Male reporters conduct interviews in Male locker rooms and Female reporters conduct interviews in Female locker rooms so the Athletes can take their dang shower and get dressed!

    Thanks for your insight!


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