saddle Hey Pardner, saddle up and fly with us!Click on more for the entire story

If you think flying cattle class is bad, brace yourself — things are about to get worse.

Get ready to hoist yourself onto a saddle-seat, made by Italian airline seat and interiors manufacturer Aviointeriors.

The seats, named the ‘SkyRider’, were being unveiled at Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas 2010 in Long Beach, California this week.

  • GALLERY: Check out the Skyrider The seat has just 58cm of ‘seat pitch’, or the space between seats, according to media reports.

    In economy class now that space is 81cm wide.

    Even the highest-density airline seating normally offers 71cm of seat pitch.

    Aviointeriors says its design is designed to further reduce the price of a plane ticket by offering a new, sub-economy class.

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