sarahshourd 1040830971 Shourd's Release Ramps Up Pressure on Iran

Freed American will see doctor today in Oman

Omani officials say the American woman released from an Iranian prison plans to see a doctor on her first full day of freedom in more than 13 months following a surprise bail deal.  The officials did not give details about 32-year-old Sarah Shourd’s medical checkup Wednesday, a day after the Gulf sultanate of Oman mediated a deal for $500,000 bail to free her.  Shourd’s mother says her daughter has medical problems including a breast lump and precancerous cervical cells. Iran’s president said she was being released because of her health issues.  The Omani officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not cleared to brief media. In the U.S., a person familiar with Shourd’s case confirms the plans for a medical exam.  Meanwhile, the release of Shourd is increasing the pressure on the government of Iran to release the remaining two hikers.  There are calls from the UN Secretary General to Iran’s president to bring Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal with him to New York next week, where he is scheduled to address the General Assembly.


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