jarso adem Man Charged With Throwing Battery Acid On Woman

A man is charged with assault after police said he threw battery acid on a woman in St. Louis Park.

On Sept. 14, police were called to 3745 Louisiana Ave. S. and found a woman with red marks and swelling on her face, neck and hands.

Police said the man who did it, Jarso Adem, 28, had a relationship with the woman.

He told police that knew her route home from school and confronted her on the sidewalk because he said that she was spending less and less time with him and he wanted to talk with her.

Once confronted, she didn’t want to speak with him, so he threw battery acid on her that he had poured in a drink bottle.

He ran from the scene but a jogger nearby heard the woman scream for help and chased Adem into a nearby parking lot. Police arrived and he was arrested.

Adem told police that he had bought a car battery a few days earlier and poured the liquid into a plastic bottle.

He is in custody and is being held on 50 thousand dollar bail.


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