tommy mischke9 The Nite Show with Mischke   9/16/10Mischke offers his congratulations to Mexico on its 200th birthday.  The record for the number of digits calculated in the number Pi has been broken.  Is this really a big deal?  Pope Benedict has rolled into Great Britain, and Mischke wonders about the Pontiff’s visit with the Queen.  Plus, a special birthday wish.

The Niles Files looks into a couple of careers that might be coming to a crossroads.  Joaquin Phoenix’s new movie, I’m Still Here, has been leaked as a mockumentary.  What exactly is the actor doing?  And with the release of The Town on Friday, Mischke and Niles dissect the career of Ben Affleck.  Plus, Kid Rock testifies about a brawl at a Waffle House, and a man finds out his biological mom is a bearded lady.


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