9/19/10 Jearlyn Steele- Center Stage

On Center Stage, Jearlyn welcomes the Star Tribune’s Rohan Preston to talk local theater plus a new comedy coming to the Twin Cities and Monday night’s Ivey Awards!

  • cindy

    do you have contact information for the lady who was on Sept 19 and talked about Facebook issues- was it called Ruby media or something like that – thank you.

  • Aton

    What a non-issue. Couric is tnryig to shake up a staid format, and also tnryig to have a politically-balanced mix of voices. Her reward: Whining from the right wing. Imagine if she hadn’t invited Rush. Brian: Wasn’t it you who complained that not enough libs would go on O’reilly? And now you complain that Rush will go on CBS. Hypocrisy, thy name is Maloney.

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