tommy mischke11 The Nite Show with Mischke   9/21/10Mischke talks about a Slice of Life with Dr. Gillian Holloway, an expert researcher on the subject of dreams.  The professor of psychology at Marylhurst University (outside Portland, OR) discusses what our dreams are really telling us.  And in a new edition of Dear Abby, a daughter can’t know how to respond to her mother calling her “a miserable, nasty that’ll end up alone”.

Mischke takes another Slice of Life.  This time, it’s with Sherry Anshara, who has survived two horrific car accidents.  During the second incident, she had an out-of-body experienced that changed how she approached life.  Also, a woman’s body is surgically cut in half to treat an aggressive form of Cancer.  Plus, there’s a 10-year low in pocket money for kids.


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