9/23/10 John Williams Show

9AM Hour:  An Expert from Harvard talks about education in Minnesota plus the story of a Dad who boards a bus to confront bullies who are picking on his daughter!

10AM Hour:  Mourning in America?  A new TV ad that goes after President Obama and taps into the feeling of the classic Ronald Reagan “Morning In America” TV ad.

11AM Hour:  John tackles drunk driving following the DWI arrests of a couple of Minnesota politicians plus Katy Perry gets booted off Sesame Street for showing off a little too much!

  • Carol

    Btw, John, I don’t believe that The Daily Show is FAR LEFT, like you just said. I see Jon Stewart’s humor to be somewhere in the middle (yes, leaning left because Fox News has sent a lot of us that direction).

    I might go to the satellite rally being planned at the capitol in St. Paul, but I can’t afford to go to DC. I’d be there in a heartbeat if I could afford to go, though. :)

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