In her second hour on Thursday, Michele spoke with 2nd District Congressman, John Kline, about the Republican’s “Pledge to America” and the flooding in southern Minnesota…

  1. Jeff Wells says:

    Regardless of where you stand on this issue, the biggest lie in this entire interview was the Congressman saying that if the President and the Democrats had come to the GOP in bipartisanship that they would have been happy to vote for the parts of this bill that helped our citizens ie, elimination of pre-existing conditions, expanded coverage for dependents to age 26 and lifetime coverage requirements. That statement is an insult to every American who has watched family and friends go without healthcare and have seen our healthcare costs go up a 1000% over the last 20 years, 16 of which Republicans have been in control of Congress and six of those years with a Republican president! The crime here is not that John Kline has done nothing to help solve the healthcare crisis except vote “No” but now he tries to make himself look better by insinuating that the Democrats didn’t reach out with enough of a bipartisan effort to allow him to support reform… and you Michelle, didn’t call him on this preposterous statement.

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