By Mike Max, WCCO-TV

PLYMOUTH, Minn. (WCCO) — This week’s “Rally Star,” a feature on local prep sports athletes, is Providence Academy’s Elana Sullivan.

Who: Providence Academy tennis player Elana Sullivan.

Why: This week’s High School Rally Star is a defending state champion in tennis with a role model that matches her game. Sullivan walks with a purpose as she heads to her favorite place, the place where she thrives — the tennis court.

On Her Strategy: “I like to end points and create opportunities for myself to exploit on my opponent’s weaknesses. That’s typically what I do when I’m playing.”

On Emulating Her Role Model:
“I love to watch Rafael Nadal. I just love how he just goes after every shot and I don’t know he just amazing to watch.”

What the Coach Says: “Elana is a great athlete. She’s a very aggressive player. She is a very confident player. And she is an all-around player, so she’s got many different tools to beat different players. (She’s) very competitive. She’s a fighter. She always kinda rises to the occasion.”


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