9/27/10 The Nite Show with Mischke

tommy mischke14 9/27/10 The Nite Show with MischkeHour One:

Tommy initiates a conversation with an internet video blogger, then suffers the consequences.

Hour Two:

Swarming volcanoes, whale riders, Minneapolis embraces a red light mentality and continued harassment from the internet vlogger and her minions.

  • Cassandra Morrison

    V-loggers on Rolling Stone. Good Gad!

    If this gal makes it I want to be on the cover of Mellow Mischke Magazine Afte all, my life is fascinating and here’s my proof:

    • Kellie Levans @Kidkel69 dungeon digital ***** International everything!

      rockingfunmusic@att.net@RollingStoneES@Kidkel69 havoc with Rolling Stone @wcco CBS RADIO http://wcco.cbslocal.com/2010/09/28/92710-the-nite-show-with-mischke/

      • Kellie Levans @Kidkel69 dungeon digital ***** International everything!

        See ya on YOUTUBE CAS, sub me, YT won’t allow me to sub anyone until I clear my old accounts @kidkel69@wcco830

      • shadowcass

        Uh huh…I sub you and YOU get the numbers instead of me. Tricky, Kel…but no cigar….

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