Flood Wall Going Up At St. Paul Airport

flood waters4 Flood Wall Going Up At St. Paul Airport

A temporary flood wall is being erected at the St. Paul Airport to keep back the rising Mississippi River.

It is the second time this year the barrier has been put in place.  But unlike last spring when one runway was kept open, the airport will close entirely during this flood event. 

Metro Airports Commission Spokesman Pat Hogan says that’s because this weekend’s flooding is expected to be short-lived.  He expects the St. Paul Airport will reopen on Monday.

In the meantime, air traffic will be diverted to other reliever airports in the area.  The Mississippi River in St. Paul is expected to crest at 18 1/2 feet on Saturday.  That’s 4 1/2 feet above flood stage.

  • Rosy Grams

    Just wondering in all the flood news, why the town of New Richland, in southern Waseca County, was never mentioned. They had to evacuate a Nursing Home and a HUD building and I don’t think these other towns had to do so. Just seems like the big guys get noticed and the rest are fly-over land (for the gov too). The nursing home will require weeks of repairs before patients can return. The school, houses, businesses and roads sustained damage. Just wondering.

  • Bridgewatcherf

    As this is being written, the level of the St. Croix should be reaching exactly 683 feet, causing no-wake rule from Prescott north. Last night the level was coming within a couple of feet
    of last spring’s high water when the river was running backwards.

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