MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The floods are in the news, and something seems amiss. Springtime is flooding time. All this rain in the fall is unusual. Don Shelby says that’s why they call it global climate change.

Even global climate change skeptics don’t argue that the planet is changing. Science shows the place is getting warmer and storms coming more often. The argument is over what is causing it to happen.

In Greek mythology, there is a character named Cassandra. She sees the future accurately, but nobody believed what she says.

Cassandras in science say humans are causing the planet to change. One of the world’s most notable skeptics, named Bjorn Lomborg, has just changed his mind. He has turned Cassandra on us. He now says mankind must do something immediate and drastic to turn back the atmospheric clock.

Last year it would be heresy, but he himself is calling for a tax on carbon and a $100 billion global effort to address climate change.

Note to disbelievers in the science. When one of the world’s most outspoken skeptics changes his mind, what does that do to yours?


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