Weekly notes with naturalist Jim Gilbert.

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  1. Gary Konsor says:

    Jim: We have a lilac – 20+ years old, that has small blossums on part of it; today is October 23, 2010 (Avon, MN). They are not the typical cone shaped blossum head, but more clusters. will send pict if you supply an email address.

  2. Sharon Hagen says:

    Sorry couldn’t find any other way to contact you. I was in Aitkin on Dam Lake over Thanksgiving and in my friends yard we identified a Varied Thrush. As a west coast bird it is way off course for the winter. It was eating at the bird feeders.

  3. Dave Long says:

    Jim, i saw two robins in south Bloomington today (12/29), they seemed a bit out of place.. Are they hold overs or did they ride the wind into our region? Have a great day!

  4. John Kaplan says:

    Jim: I live on Lake Mallalieu in Hudson, WI. I was outside at sunset on, if I recall, Tuesday August 23rd. It was a hot, muggy evening. I thought I saw swirls of smoke above the trees but soon realized it was clouds of tiny inects. They were so thick you could actually smell them. I watched wave after wave drift by for about a half hour. I have never seen this before and am wondering if you have. Thanks.


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