Nature Notes – 10/17/10

Weekly notes with naturalist Jim Gilbert.

  • Gary Konsor

    Jim: We have a lilac – 20+ years old, that has small blossums on part of it; today is October 23, 2010 (Avon, MN). They are not the typical cone shaped blossum head, but more clusters. will send pict if you supply an email address.

  • Sharon Hagen

    Sorry couldn’t find any other way to contact you. I was in Aitkin on Dam Lake over Thanksgiving and in my friends yard we identified a Varied Thrush. As a west coast bird it is way off course for the winter. It was eating at the bird feeders.

  • Dave Long

    Jim, i saw two robins in south Bloomington today (12/29), they seemed a bit out of place.. Are they hold overs or did they ride the wind into our region? Have a great day!

  • John Kaplan

    Jim: I live on Lake Mallalieu in Hudson, WI. I was outside at sunset on, if I recall, Tuesday August 23rd. It was a hot, muggy evening. I thought I saw swirls of smoke above the trees but soon realized it was clouds of tiny inects. They were so thick you could actually smell them. I watched wave after wave drift by for about a half hour. I have never seen this before and am wondering if you have. Thanks.


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