Where did the stimulus money go?

How much money did your neighborhood, city or state get from Stimulus dollars?
Click here to go to StimulusWatch.org and find out.

  • Ross G Kiihn

    John, Concerning Michele Bachmann being a hypocrite in taking stimulus money for her her district, I disagree with most of your callers. I can understand being against stimulus money for anyone, but then once that fight is lost, and your district is is paying for it through its taxes — or going into debt for it, then ‘taking the money.’ In my own case, I am against the public library having Hollywood movies to lend; they don’t have enough funding as it is, and they should concentrate on books anyway. I’ve written to the mayor, etc, etc, and had a letter published in the paper. But as long as no one listens, and my taxes are going to the libraries, I’ll borrow the movies right along with everyone else. I would be stupid not to.

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