Reality Check: Political Ads Scaring Seniors

By Pat Kessler, WCCO-TV

ST. PAUL (WCCO) You would think seniors already have enough problems, like not getting a Social Security cost of living increase this year. However, this year, politicians are trying to scare senior voters with ads that are cynical and untrue.

For example, the ad from Republican Congressman Erik Paulsen against Democrat Jim Meffert.

“Meffert’s for the trillion dollar health care takeover,” the ad says. “And a massive $500 billion cut in Medicare.”

The ad continues with video of an older couple, warning: “Jim Meffert: don’t touch my Medicare.”

The ad is FALSE.

The new health care bill does NOT cut Medicare or Medicare benefits for anyone.

It changes payments to Medicare Advantage, an optional pay-extra program.

Medicare Advantage is starting to severely limit reimbursements to doctors because the program is more costly than traditional Medicare programs.

The goal is to lower overall costs of private insurance plans in Medicare Advantage and to move people onto new plans or traditional Medicare.

No one will lose basic Medicare benefits.

And check out what the Democrats are running, like the ad from Tarryl Clark:

Clark’s new ad looks like a Michele Bachmann ad favoring the abolishing of Social Security.

“Even though that would take away the only guaranteed retirement income we have,” says the ad. “Whose message is that?”

At this point, the ad uses Bachmann’s own voice: “I’m Michele Bachmann and I approve this message.”

This is a gross DISTORTION. Bachmann does NOT approve this message.

She supports reforming Social Security, including optional personal accounts, but it would not affect anyone who’s getting Social Security now, and she’s not in favor of abolishing it.

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