unemployment Minnesota Unemployment Holds Steady

September jobless rate holds at 7 percent

Minnesota lost nearly 10-thousand jobs in September, yet the unemployment rate held steady at seven percent. That’s the finding of the monthly survey by the state Department of Employment and Economic Development. Commissioner Dan McElroy says a very encouraging sign is that Minnesotans are working more hours. 

Even at seven percent, Minnesota’s jobless rate is still nearly three percentage points below the national rate.

  1. Stephanie Vizenor says:

    ive worked 22 year and never collected the only reason the unemployment is so high is because they because they dont want to settle for a lower paying job because they collect more on the insurance i would hope its there for me if i need it but any one who need an extention really has not been looking for a job other wise they would have one
    so my advise is anyone who needs an extention after that long is cut them off and make them take a job even if its lower pay

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