Inside The Box: New Pat Down Procedures

The TSA is implementing new pat down procedures during security screening for air travelers.

Passengers who are selected for additional screening can get an enhanced body scan, or a pat down. Screeners will now use more of a sliding motion with their hands. Some travelers complain that screeners are essentially groping them.

Here is the TSA’s statement.

Do you think the TSA is going too far? Or are additional procedures needed for the sake of security?

  • Kati Reese

    I grew up in an airplane like most grew up in a car. The sound of planes especially the small ones are like music to my ears. I have always loved being at the airport. Now the last thing that I will do is fly. I will drive to a place rather than fly. It seems like to much especially after all the other things like paying for bringing a suitcase. If you decide to a pat down and become uncomfortable with what they are doing you cannot back out without more … like fines. I just can’t believe that we are going this route. No, the last thing I will do is fly now.

  • lynn mccalister

    would you rather feel safe then wonder if your going to be blown up or not might be a little uncomfortable but which would you want to feel safe and now there is no problems or sit and wonder whats going to happen am i getting there
    in one piece or not plus stops the racial problems because we all have went thru the machine

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